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If the trip is impulsive and unmotivated, you can suspect a serious mental disorder - dromomania. Please note that only a specialist can distinguish pathology from the norm. What causes dromomania? Is it possible to get rid of the disease?

How does the patient feel? Dromomaniacs become extremely restless, they really want to change the situation.

When a person feels better during a trip, he returns home. If a person has a severe form of drug for uti, he or she experiences serious disturbances in the brain. Magnetic resonance imaging shows pathological activity in the temple area.

  • In 1886, a case of dromomania was described in detail for the first time.
  • The disease was observed in the French gas worker Jean-Henri Dad.
  • Development of dromomania in children.

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Sometimes false dromomania can develop in childhood. What it is? A child tries to run away from home after a quarrel with his parents. If measures are not taken in a timely manner, such a reaction will become habitual, resulting in the formation of a syndrome of indefinable attraction. As a rule, a false form of dromomania is characteristic of an emotional, temperamental child.

Often parents do not pay attention to the interests of their child, so they force him to do things that are not interesting to him.

For example, a mother takes her child to music and gymnastics, but he wants to play football and swimming.

Parents also want to turn their child into a genius. To do this, they begin to take him to different circles, force him to study different languages, as a result, the child cannot withstand such a load.

If a child runs away from home only once, this does not mean that he needs active treatment. Here you just need to resolve the conflict in the family.

Everyone's psychological disorder develops differently; we can distinguish such sequential episodes. Single escape from home as a result of conflict, trauma. This type cannot be called full-fledged dromomania. If you take timely measures and change the situation, the problem will not recur. Escapes as a reaction to conflict and stress. In this case, a person can control his desires. A trip is a kind of reaction to urinary antiseptic drugs life situations.

  • The clinical type of dromomania is characterized by unpreparedness and suddenness.
  • You don’t even realize that Maxim Gorky had this form of dromomania.
  • He lost his parents early and lived with a cruel and domineering grandfather.
  • That is why the writer so vividly described the life of tramps, people with an unbalanced psyche.

His grandmother, his mother, also had a passion for escaping. Dromomania as a symptom of mental illness. In psychiatry, there have been cases where dromomania was a consequence of serious obsessive-compulsive personality disorder, psychopathy, and mental trauma. Quite often, vagrancy is characteristic of patients with epilepsy, hysteria, and schizophrenia. Sometimes dromomania attacks are a symptom of a serious brain disease.

Teenage cases of the disease do not require treatment. It is important to understand that the psyche of children is at the stage of development, over time it will become stable, all affective aspirations and cravings to escape will disappear.